Get a great Website Performance with Mod_Pagespeed & Caching

Find out how Mod_Pagespeed is working and helping to fix without the need to touch code. Mod_Pagespeed can help you to optimize Images, CSS code, JS code and much more. Continue reading if you want to see my .htaccess example and how I have configured Mod_Pagespeed and caching on my site

update package missing system.img / FAILED (remote: data too large)

In Case you bump into one of these error messages while you try to flash the latest Google stock image for your NEXUS device – it indicates that your ADB / FASTBOOT binaries are to old. Usually when such things happen and I don’t know the reason for it – I Google. Me myself running Ubuntu 16.04 things are a […]

Why using SMTP and correct DNS records for Websites is super-important

Using a real SMPT mail box will help a lot to have your WooCommerce E-Mails send to the customers INBOX instead of spam. To get this done, any WordPress installation I am in charge with, get it’s own Mail Account. Also make sure your DNS settings are setup correctly to make sure your mails are not being treated as SPAM.