Is it better to run your own server or to rent some space at a hosting provider?

Some days ago I was at a WordPress meetup in Nairobi. The topic was „Web Hosting for WordPress“. And because I run my own servers and host my sites on my machine, I was asked to attend and to discuss my point of view and answer questions in regards of hosting / self hosting. The atmosphere was very nice, and […]

How to setup a plain Ubuntu 16.04 ISPConfig web server on DigitalOcean and install WordPress on it.

This tutorial is mainly written to help enthusiasts in Kenya to setup their own web server with Digital Ocean and host a WordPress blog on the own server. The tutorial is very beginner friendly and I hope Mama Mboga understand’s it. In case she does not, then I didn’t do my job well. But I will also be happy to help in case there are any questions.

Why using SMTP and correct DNS records for Websites is super-important

Using a real SMPT mail box will help a lot to have your WooCommerce E-Mails send to the customers INBOX instead of spam. To get this done, any WordPress installation I am in charge with, get it’s own Mail Account. Also make sure your DNS settings are setup correctly to make sure your mails are not being treated as SPAM.