How to setup a plain Ubuntu 16.04 ISPConfig web server on DigitalOcean and install WordPress on it.

This tutorial is mainly written to help enthusiasts in Kenya to setup their own web server with Digital Ocean and host a WordPress blog on the own server. The tutorial is very beginner friendly and I hope Mama Mboga understand’s it. In case she does not, then I didn’t do my job well. But I will also be happy to help in case there are any questions.

Setup a Digital Ocean Server with ISPConfig on Ubuntu 16.04

How to install ISPConfig 3.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 on a Digital Ocean Server incl. Apache as web server, Postfix as mail server, Pure FTPD as file server, Let’s Encrypt for real SSL Certificates, MariaDB as database server, fail2ban to limit login attempts, and very much more.

DigitalOcean – fire up a machine at only 5$ per month

Rock solid SSD Servers at DigitalOcean! Some years ago, in a YouTube video I first heard about DigitalOcean. At that time I was running my stuffs on a dedicated server at Server4You. After some incidents there and me also running out of space, I had to migrate to a bigger machine anyway. So I decided to move things over to […]