Install apps from Google Play without a Google account.

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In case you wonder, how can to get all the nice apps from Google play, without an account, or, even without flashing the whole GApps package, you should take a look at YALP Store YALP lets you download things from Google’s App store without the need to create an account AND it lets you update your apps.

Please have in mind that YALP will not be able to fix apps that actually require the Google Services Framework to run. Apps like Viber will still be running, but there will be a notification delay because they use Google services to push notifications to your device.

However. YALP is a great App for all who don’t need all the Google crap. YALP is available in the F-Droid App store. You can also download the apk from the F-Droid Website


Ohh, and by the way. Even my phone was rooted, YALP I was able to install Netflix. I’m sure apps like Snapchat or (recently) Uber, who don’t work because you are rooted, will still not working with YALP.

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