Ey Google! Are you serious? Really?

Me myself I’m very careful with my private data. Data I want to share – I share it. However. To get some things done you simply need a Google account. I prefer to rather create a new account for a new project so that I can keep things a bit apart from each other.


So – today I tried to login in a Google account and then Google asks me, to verify myself with a phone number. As far as I know, I have never stored my phone number in the account. So how is this stupid and nonsense method verifying that I am the one who is in front of the screen typing in his gmail address and his password?

It simply doesn’t. I have entered a completely different phone number and it said it has send out the code. Of course I do not have the number I entered, but in no god damn case does this verify that I am the one who is in front of the computer.

Not at all.

The only thing this shit – I’m really pissed about it – it puts my phone number in the fucking Google database. Thats it. Nothing else.

Google! What the hell is wrong with you? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding thousands and millions of your users or what? When I see this message, I feel like you people are taking me for an idiot.

If you would be really concerned about ones account – then why the heck do you accept other number for login? How do you verify that the other number belongs to that exact user who is trying to login to his account? How?

To make an example – I used a phone number that I know for sure I have never ever used online. I entered it – got a phone call from Google with the code, entered the code and I could login.

Google this does not verify that it was me. It just verifies that there is a phone number I have access too.  Thats it. Someone who has my login details could also use his own phone number.

So what the fuck is so unusual when I login into my account? I sit on the same damn PC, cookies and cache are deleted when I close my browser, the password is stored in my browser. So what are you people trying to tell me? Nothing – you just want to have a real phone number. Fuck you!

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