Setup a Digital Ocean Server with ISPConfig on Ubuntu 16.04

How to install ISPConfig 3.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 on a Digital Ocean Server incl. Apache as web server, Postfix as mail server, Pure FTPD as file server, Let’s Encrypt for real SSL Certificates, MariaDB as database server, fail2ban to limit login attempts, and very much more.

ispconfig 3.1 + Lets Encrypt + Postfix / Dovecot + PureFTPD in english

Solltest du diesen Post auf deutsch lesen wollen, dann klick hier I’ve seen some visitors coming from foreign countries to this post – and I assume they were a bit disappointed that the post is in German only. So let me have this one put in English 😉 A customer of mine asked me to setup a ISPConfig machine. You […]

ispconfig 3.1 + Lets Encrypt + Postfix / Dovecot + PureFTPD

In case you are a English reader – click this one to get the post in English. Ich will so ein “ISPConfig dings” haben! Ja dann mal ran. Einem Kunden von mir sollte ich eine Maschine mit ISPConfig aufsetzen. Ihr wisst schon, mit Apache, Mailserver, FTP Server, kostenlosen SSL Zertifikaten von Let’s Encrypt und so weiter. Ja dann mal ran […]