Setup a Digital Ocean Server with ISPConfig on Ubuntu 16.04

How to install ISPConfig 3.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 on a Digital Ocean Server incl. Apache as web server, Postfix as mail server, Pure FTPD as file server, Let’s Encrypt for real SSL Certificates, MariaDB as database server, fail2ban to limit login attempts, and very much more.

Get a great Website Performance with Mod_Pagespeed & Caching

Find out how Mod_Pagespeed is working and helping to fix without the need to touch code. Mod_Pagespeed can help you to optimize Images, CSS code, JS code and much more. Continue reading if you want to see my .htaccess example and how I have configured Mod_Pagespeed and caching on my site

DigitalOcean – fire up a machine at only 5$ per month

Rock solid SSD Servers at DigitalOcean! Some years ago, in a YouTube video I first heard about DigitalOcean. At that time I was running my stuffs on a dedicated server at Server4You. After some incidents there and me also running out of space, I had to migrate to a bigger machine anyway. So I decided to move things over to […]

update package missing system.img / FAILED (remote: data too large)

In Case you bump into one of these error messages while you try to flash the latest Google stock image for your NEXUS device – it indicates that your ADB / FASTBOOT binaries are to old. Usually when such things happen and I don’t know the reason for it – I Google. Me myself running Ubuntu 16.04 things are a […]

Why using SMTP and correct DNS records for Websites is super-important

Using a real SMPT mail box will help a lot to have your WooCommerce E-Mails send to the customers INBOX instead of spam. To get this done, any WordPress installation I am in charge with, get it’s own Mail Account. Also make sure your DNS settings are setup correctly to make sure your mails are not being treated as SPAM.