How to enable permanent Tracking Protection in Mozilla Firefox

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How to enable permanent Tracking Protection in Firefox

Speed up your browsing experience by enabling Firefox’s Tracking Protection permanently

Mozilla has implemented Tracking Protection in Firefox since Firefox 42 when you browse the web in Private Mode. By default, Tracking Protection is enabled only in Private Mode browsing. For quite a good reason.

Tracking Protection is blocking a lot. Basically it is blocking almost all third party resources that could might track your browsing behavior. For example, with Firefox’s Tracking protection enabled you wont see any embedded YouTube Videos on Websites. Here a screenshot I made of my blogpost How to add more storage for a client in ISPConfig on a Digital Ocean Server. Check out Mozilla’s Knowledge Base to get more information regarding Tracking Protection in Private Browsing

How to enable Tracking Protection for all sites?

You can enable Tracking Protection permanently, so that it is enabled everywhere, even you are not in a “Private Browsing” session, you just have to turn off a switch in about:config.

Open a new Tab in Firefox, and enter:


in the address bar. Search there for “tracking” and you should find:


being set to “false”. Double click it, and it should turn into true.

That’s basically it. Piece of cake.

To disable the permanent Tracking Protection in Firefox, simply repeat the steps above, or right click “privacy.trackingprotection.enabled” and click on Reset to reset the changes to the default value.

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